Welcome home little one

Thursday, 15th November 2018

I love a newborn at home shoot and have been lucky enough to have been asked to capture a few families recently, whose babies I first met in mummy’s tummy!

Nothing beats photographing those first few weeks when you bring your new baby home, it is such an overwhelming feeling of joy welcoming them into your family and wrapping them in love. 

Those first few weeks involve a lot of sleepy cuddles and kisses which are so so precious but over time fade with all the excitement of the journey ahead which is why I love that I am able to have the pleasure of capturing this special time as a lasting keepsake.

At just shy of 4 weeks old, this little one was already settled into his new home and family, enjoying lots of cuddles and kisses from his doting mummy, daddy and older sister! He already seems to love the camera – giving me the sweetest peek over mummies shoulder! Cue cuteness…