Sitting pretty

Thursday, 29th March 2018

I’m loving using this simple modern chair for photoshoots – great for capturing babies who have just learnt to sit as well as toddlers on the move – like my son Alex! Sharing a few shots from recent shoots…

Alex age 15months

Billy age 6months 

Suzie age 9months

…and more gorgeous little ones to come!

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Location, location, location?

Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Light is the key ingredient I always look for when working to capture the perfect picture, the one that will make you smile for many years to come.  So when I’m asked if studio or location photography is best, below are the factors I consider for each.


For family photography my natural tendency is to head outdoors, where weather permitting there is beautiful natural light and unlimited backdrops. Unlike a studio environment, an outdoor location allows you to interact more naturally and forget the camera is there. When shooting outdoors, timing is key so I suggest shooting in the ‘golden hour’, two hours before sunset or after sunrise, when the light is at its best. 

At your home

A photoshoot at your home is ideal for capturing newborns – what better backdrop than the home you’ve just introduced your little one to?  It also means that both you and your little bundle of joy are comfortable in your own surroundings, and because I come to you there is no rush to get dressed and out of the house! For the best results I will make use of the natural light available i.e. shooting near a window, ideally on a bright day.

My home studio 

No matter what the weather is doing outside, I can bring the sun out in my home studio by using professional studio lighting.  Baby photography works particularly well in the studio, as the limited distractions enable me to get more ‘eyes to camera’ shots. And on a cold day your little one won’t need to be hidden under the layers of clothing needed to brave the UK weather, so we can capture those gorgeous baby roll / bare bottom shots you might be after!

Still can’t decide? There is always the option to mix it up! 

Below is an example of a shoot which took place at both my home studio and a nearby outdoors location. It was a wet day in September but you wouldn’t know it – thanks to a discrete picnic blanket and shaded trees!  Another combination could be your home location and garden, or a short walk to your local park.

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